Now Wizkid shows his naivety like his peers with his latest boast “If I die today, I will be a legend”. SAD. Its in this generation that once-meaningful things become watered down and utterly useless. Legend. Does he know or understand the gravity of what is legendary? What’s his definition of a legend? In the same wise, I see people call Innocent Idibia (a.k.a 2Baba) a legend. How? Is it based on popularity, Global Acceptance? Wealth? Accolades? Musical Prominence? No its not.


Legends are trans generational, they move from being people with extraordinary achievements to becoming ideals, historical markers, examples, lifestyles, movements, schools of thought! Legends can be living or dead but they all meet the same qualifying criteria. Can Wizkid be places side by side with Mahatma Ghandi? Martin Luther? Nelson Mandela and the likes? Is there a lifestyle or ideology the young musician is living currently that generations after him will copy? Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley are legends. Decades later, their reasoning, they way they lived still resonates in our lives even today despite the modernist, tech centered lifestyle we live. A legend is not about popularity about substance.


Becoming a legend is not self acclaimed, you don’t crown yourself one. History itself bestows it on your based on the weight of your impact in a generation that has changed the way of life of that set of peoples positively. I repeat, Legends aren’t titles given by a set of sentimental followers, history/posterity bestows it on deserving individuals.

Go and tell Wizkid that.

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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