Abia State Governor,Dr Okezie Ikpeazu has clarified there are no two governors in the state. The Governor who was addressing Abians after a church service at the Unity
Chapel at the Government House, today,also said Abia Governorship is not for sale.

Governor Ikpeazu thanked those who had time to worship with him,revealing he would have called Abians together after the Eminent Persons Lectures at the Abia state University, if not for the attempt on his office by enemies of the state.

He also said he’s back to Umuahia after renovating the Governors Lodge.

On the foiled Civilian Coup in the state,Dr Ikpeazu said:

“They now want to enter through the window but it can’t work.
It is also about the heart of man.What happened on Thursday is a lesson to us on the state of the country.While we were campaigning and going through the rigorous of
electioneering, somebody’ was busy drinking champagne. When we won at the Appeal,
he opened another champagne.He thought there would be problem in Abia under our watch.He didn’t know that the world knows the truth.”

He said his opponent cannot influence God’s judgement.

” I know that God is a God of Justice. Unless God is not God”.

Governor Ikpeazu said the struggling is not about him as a person.

“If it were about Ikpeazu,you can treat me any how.But you can’t treat the
Governor of Abia state any how. It is an institution. It is a seat you handle at
the mercy of Abians. And Abians are ready to protect it with their lives.
You cant be Governor on the internet and Facebook.The Nigerian Constitution is clear on how to get here. It is not about the business of buying ship or marketing petroleum products. It’s not about moving money.Above all,I ve told Avians it’s not about me.It’s about God.God cannot lie.You can’t ask God to help you to steal.”

The Governor used the occasion to implore Abians to continue to pray for peace in the state.

“Please cheer up and continue to pray. I don’t have any doubts their evil plot has failed .They are now trying to amend things. All these conspirators are now in trouble”.

Governor Ikpeazu went on to explain there are certain steps to take to become Governor.
He said its either you win election or you go to court and its only when you are sworn in that you are Governor.
“So there is no confusion. We don’t have two Governors in Abia state. So,let the media be properly guided.”

Revealing the plot was to distract him from doing his work,Ikpeazu vowed he won’t stop work.

“Litigations will come,but we won’t tell Abians we didn’t perform because of litigation.Litigation will come but we must perform. Abia must move forward”.

The Governor used the occasion to thank his guests for making out time to worship with him. He asked for their continuous support for the Abia project.

The Governor had earlier worshipped at the Unity Chapel this morning.
Present at the service were the wife of the Governor, Mrs Nkechi Ikpeazu,the Deputy Governor, Rt Hon. Ude Oko Okochukwu, the Speaker, Rt.Hon. Uzor Azubike,Chairman, Abia State Council of Traditional Rulers,HRM Eze Eberechi Dick,former Senate President,Senator Adolphos Wabara,members of the state Executive Council, PDP party chieftains,among others.

Author: Malik Shabbazz

Freelance Writer and Political Activist

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