We Are What We Eat

“I am a billionaire in U.A.E, I am a billionaire in Angola. I don’t need anything from Nigeria, I am trying to help my country. If they don’t support me, I’ll pack up and go. Thank God for President Buhari, he is the reason why I am still in business here. His policies are favorable to local manufacturing. The relevant agencies are not performing their functions to support the President. How can foreigners who are into importation be stampeding indigenous manufacturers? It is only in Nigeria and it’s because they work with a few corrupt but very powerful civil servants. I employ one thousand six hundred and fifty people in Lagos instead of my ideal staff strength of six thousand. My tomato paste factory is the fourth largest in the world. These importers cite insecurity caused by Boko haram activities as the reason why they can’t build factories yet they have over two thousand salespersons working in the Northeast. The tomato pastes that are being imported into Nigeria by this dominant cabal of mainly Indians, Chinese and Lebanese, are not fit for consumption in their countries. Why bring them here? NAFDAC survey shows that 91.1% of the tomato pastes imported into Nigeria are fake. Why is there no action on it after fifteen months?” Chief Eric Umeofia, Chairman/CEO, Erisco Foods, on Channels Television.

Fresh tomatoes are largely unavailable and priced astronomically, the pastes are mostly hazardous to our health. May God save us!!!

Okey Joe Emenike

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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