The Kano Lynching

That a septugenarian lady of Igbo descent was lynched by an irate mob in Kano State is stale news. Now a young man, Francis Emmanuel, was almost made a statistic in the same repugnant but recurring equation at a town in Kaduna State on Tuesday. It is a monumental tragedy that we live in a country where even suspected pickpockets are still victims of jungle justice often resulting in death. It takes an altogether new dimension that in 2016 someone like the pastor’s wife could be annihilated in such a grotesque fashion for holding disparate religious views. The irate mob in Kano weren’t even swayed by her maternal manifestations neither was their collective umbrage tamed by her advancement on the chronological ladder.

While the security agencies have converted vulnerable Igbo Biafra agitators to veritable objects for target practice, their civilian co-conspirators in Kano turned a hapless Igbo resident to a human platform for breaking the flight of their multiple projectiles. While our government officials engage in unmitigated rape of the public till, they keep the gullible hoi polloi distracted with religious fixation.

That a seventy-four year old woman could be killed in such a dastardly manner and for a profoundly vacuous reason as adduced, in a place she had called home for over forty-one years, forged enduring friendships and developed business alliances, calls to question the basis of our unity. Only at few other times in our history as a nation have ethnic and religious cleavages been so pronounced.

Unlike the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN) Chairman, Kaduna State chapter, I will not be too quick to applaud the Kano State Government’s handling of the matter until it’s logical denouement. The world is waiting and watching.

Okey Joe Emenike

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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