Since the APC’s Mega Rally in Benin City, where former PDP leaders defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday, January 19, Chris Nehikhare has not known peace.

Those close to him say he has been lamenting about the fate of the dying party and his dwindling political value in the state’s political space.

Nehikhare’s frustration is understandable. Every spokesman’s ambition is to capture more hearts, ears and minds. In his case, his audience is dwindling by the day and very soon, he will be issuing press statements that will be read only by himself.

The fear of talking to only himself hunts him daily and the only way he can express his growing depression is to resort to vituperations.

For Nehikhare to describe the APC Mega Rally at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium as a tragic failure where “two or three former PDP members” decamped to the APC, shows how scared he is of the truth.

We know that Nehikhare’s feeble attempt to rally nonexistent support for the highly degraded PDP is to justify his monthly stipend from his paymasters, which he fears might reduce to a few naira notes in the coming days, as more PDP members join the progressives in the APC.

If the APC’s new members – Matthew Iduoriyekemwen and Hon. Johnson Agbonayinma with their followers, some of whom were introduced at the rally, are just “two or three,” according to Nehikhare, then, the PDP spokesman surely did not pass his basic arithmetics.

Serious people who know Nehikhare  as a serial liar, 2-faced and sunk in the political waters of Edo State do not pay his illogical quibbling any attention.

No serious image maker will be speaking for party A, only to run to party B by night, to beg for money to pay his medical bills. Only PDP members are notorious for such level of disloyalty and fraud as deceit runs in their veins.

Since the APC Mega Rally, more PDP members have expressed their readiness to work with Governor Godwin Obaseki to consolidate on the gains of the APC in Edo State.

If the defection of Hon. Johnson Agbonayinma and former gubernatorial aspirant, Matthew Iduoriyekemwen is not a huge blow to the PDP, why did the dying party work so tirelessly to stop them?

Edo South has been completely taken by the APC and the few members of the PDP in Edo Central have sent words of their imminent defection.

By Chris Azebamwan.
Edo State APC Publicity Secretary

Source: Edo State news

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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