The desperate and obsessive stranglehold to power by Sammy Ajufo

What happened in YarAdua‘s tenure is playing out again in Buhari‘s administration – the desperate and obsessive stranglehold to power. The President is sick and by all indications, he isn’t going to return anytime soon. That’s called being UNFIT. Even when he returns, his performance will not be optimal, at least to the extent Nigerians want, so what’s the use of sugarcoating the matter?

Why the media hype on Presidential Vacation? We are being told that the President is recovering and speaking to leaders of the National Assembly who should be reporting to the Acting President who currently holds the top job according to the letter transmitted to the National Assembly. The President supposedly spoke with the American President but hasnt been on record to maintain a constant communication with the Acting President. Only after pressure from Nigerians did he (or his media handlers) recently send a letter to Nigerians telling us what we already know and informing us that he needs more time to rest. If he truly needs rest, why isn’t his media handlers allowing us to rest with their conflicting reports?

What ails our President really, we don’t know. We are not saying anyone cannot fall sick, but he is our President and his sickness is our concern! How is it being managed, no mention. What can Nigerians do? Just pray. Yes we will pray, but pray for what exactly? What ailment? Pray for the treatment procedure or surgery? Pray that he recovers well from the surgery or treatment? What are we really praying for? Give us a direction to pray by so we don’t pray amiss!

Just as it happened with the YarAdua case, media “Maradonas” have set up shop, feeding Nigerians with all kinds of conflicting information to keep the citizens occupied on the surface while sinister plans are formulated underground. The thing is, we have seen this before in YarAdua‘s scenario. Its nothing new. The question is, will it end up like YarAdua did?

Now all of a sudden, the cabinet noisemakers are dumb, Rotimi Amaechi, Dr Chris Ngige, Dr. Kayode Fayemi Red Beret Chief Solomon Dalung including the master propagandist Alhaji Lai Mohammed. Even the noisemaking Governors who did everything during the election campaigns have anything to say – Adams Oshiomhole is AMAZINGLY incommunicado, Rochas Okorocha is lips sealed on the matter, Nasir El-Rufai is understandably engaged with the media, Fulani Herdsmen and jailing critics etc.

Nobody is talking and that’s weird. Asides the purported visit of APC’s now favorite son Saraki and the embattled Dogara to London, no delegation has been constituted by the APC top hierarchy led by the now silent Party Chairman to visit London to see the President.

Isn’t it odd? Why is this illness shrouded in so much mystery? What is more painful is that the media propagandists of both YarAdua and Buhari’s scenarios have the same skewed orientation – that Nigerians are more engrossed in surviving the economic climate, battling marauding herdsmen, agitation for secession, bombing pipelines, mulling over MMM or complaining of the exchange rate to notice the political “Parapo” going on.

We know, we see and we are watching.


Author: Supersam

Founder & Chairman at Adrian&BRUCE Ltd,
Founder at Media Skills Academy and
Editor-in-Chief at Sound Foundry

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