The Tragedy Of It All

I just can’t forget how so many of my ‘former’ friends became so hostile and even called me names for refusing to support Muhammadu Buhari. In one instance, I was really hurt when a ‘friend’ whom I had known for so long cast serious aspersions on my person. He didn’t live in Nigeria, yet he thought he knew what was happening as an ‘abroadian’. In one of his posts, he alluded to the fact that I must have been settled by Jonathan. I had to block another good friend because he inferred I must have been settled and that was why I was against Buhari. He also lives in the UK.

I remember the debate organized by a church in Ibadan in which I participated and even was the lead debater on behalf of Goodluck Jonathan. It was something I did out of free will. I prepared my slides and shared my personal experience. I remember my PowerPoint presentation was over 60 slides. I have never met Goodluck Jonathan neither do I know any single member of his cabinet. I did what I did out of patriotism. This morning, I still saw clips on YouTube. When we finished the debate that weekend, I shook my head because I saw the direction of the audience- especially after the mock vote.

This morning, a close friend of mine called me and the first thing he said was ‘Bayo, you warned us but we didn’t listen’. He disclosed personal things I’m not at liberty to disclose. I also watched a video clip showing people on queue at Daystar’s Back to School Benevolence. This is truly a commendable act but the number of people on the queue is mind-boggling. Almost everywhere I turn, I’ve had people walk up to me expressing serious regrets for voting in this government. Polio is back to Nigeria with a bang- at least there are 3 new cases. Lassa fever is in 10 states as I write. Millions have lost their jobs. I know so many manufacturers who have closed shop. In one case, one notable publisher I know lamented that he didn’t want to sack his workers but he had no choice. People who have alternatives are checking out of the country in droves. There is hunger in the land and people are angry.

The tragedy of it all is that all my ‘abroadian’ friends who were so vitriolic during the elections and were part of the chorus ‘anything but Jonathan’ have now gone so silent. Their silence is so loud that it is deafening. Some have disappeared totally from social media. Those who still talk have become philosophers. Some of them blame those around Buhari except the man himself. Hypocrites! Some have become prayer warriors- always asking us to pray for Buhari as if they prayed for Jonathan. There is a senior clergy who is an ‘abroadian’ too who was a Buharist. His updates then was on Buhari this and that. I still remember how he pooh poohed Pastor Bosun Emmanuel’s message. And did I mention how he used to venerate Ogbeni Aregbesola? I laughed when I read one of his updates where he said he was tired of Nigeria and will now concentrate more on other things. Tired ke? After you convinced so many to buy into a fake change? You can’t be tired ooo. Another has faced ministry squarely. Here was a minister who was a rabid fan of Tinubu and who I had cause to remonstrate when he openly insulted someone for expressing a dissenting opinion. Now, he counsels young ministers and shares scriptures full time. Ever since a hired writer put Prof Pius Adesanmi in his place, he has returned to writing satires and op-eds about his travels and career. Even Prof Wole Soyinka could only speak in parables and attacked the military for restraining the BBOG crew. Does the military not have a Commander-in-Chief?

One of the people I mentioned above sent me this message, ‘PDP may become a toast of the nation by the end of 2016. I am unconsciously getting attracted to it’. I never replied him. What a shame!

Author: Alexander

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