Wrong initiation is an indie movie by Nnaemeka “Nani Boi” Eze. He doubles as both a writer and a movie maker. This is his second professional movie.


The movie is an Action/Thriller featuring a relatively new set of actors derived from Musicians/entertainers and Radio On-air-Personalities. It also sees the return of Mummy Why Star ‘Jude Dawam’ who played Sanusi and some already Known names who are yet to be revealed in subsequent trailers.

Unlike Mummy Why, Wrong Initiation is going to get a Theatrical release nationwide and eventually be available on DVD and Online Streaming.

The Movie which is Written and Produced by Nani Boi is expected to be released sometime in Late 2017 or Early 2018 On DVD. It was Directed by Nani Boi & Saint Do.


Sparrow (Dekumzy) felt the only way to seal his friendship with Stone (Jude Dawam) was to forcefully initiate him into their Kadash Cult Group. But it became a wrong initiation when Stone became their best enemy. ..
#wrongintitiation… Don’t hunt what you cannot kill

Watch The First Official Trailer Below;



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