Suspects In The Kidnap Case of Ejiofo Enechi
On 13th December,2016 at about 9am , Ejiofor Enechi the special assistant on security matters to Uzouwani Local Government Area  of Enugu state was allegedly abducted at Ugwuiyi Ekoro along Opanda /Adani road of Uzouwani Local Government Area on his way to Nimbo to carry out his assignment.
It was also gathered that following his alleged kidnap and the subsequent demand of ransom of 10 million Naira which was later reduced to the sum of 2million Naira on 14 December 2016 by his suspected abductors , Police operatives of Enugu state command stood tall  in this regard and arresting two suspects who played major role in the dastardly act  while investigations and manhunt is still intensified on the rest fleeing suspects and on the position of the suspects hitherto.

However suspects Asogwa Thankgod on white T shirt and Akakwu Chizoba Collins on red singlet are helping the operatives in their investigations as they have made linking revelations on how they worked in synergy with group of ODAH Nimbo outlawed/self constituted vigilante group to unleash mayhem and to kidnap Ejiofo Enechi.

One of the Suspects Akakwu Chizoba Collins has this to say:
“I got involved in this mess because of bad company. I never knew I will be part of this ugly story/incident. I am here with the police because of the kidnap case of Ejiofor Enechi. Sometime in the month of December 2016,my friend Thankgod Asogwa came to me and lured me to a nearby bush with a story that he has a timber for sale. On  arrival at the place, I saw myself being surrounded by heavily armed vigilante men of Odah Nimbo in large numbers. I was lied down, and their officer in charge of torture was directed to deal with me together with my friend ThankGod who also assisted the group.
Suspects In The Kidnap Case of Ejiofo Enechi

I was later tied to one shrine tree with some of their group members monitoring me after having collected my nokia Torch light phone and my sim card.
As I was tied to the tree under watch, the group commenced their discussions on how Enechi Ejiofor  should be abducted. Before then, the group had directed ThankGod on what we should come with for my initiations which includes Tubers of yam, five kolanuts and a gallon of palmwine and insisted that I will have to be with them until the Kidnap of Ejiofor Enechi is concluded.
Shortly, Thankgod and the other group left to go and monitor Enechi Ejiofors movement and also kidnap him while I was still being tied.
Based on this, ThankGod and others left and came back later to report to the other group already with me at the shrine that they have successfully kidnapped Ejiofo Enechi. I was later asked to go in the night of that fateful day but they collected my sim card and gave me back my phone  and with a directive that Thank God must bring me subsequently for initiation and oath taking not to reveal anything seen around me and they also promised me that Thank God will give me the share of the proceed of Ejiofors Ransom.
When I got to Opanda where I live, I packed my load and ran to my village at Igboetiti although I did not report to the police or tell any one.
I am warning every body to mind the kind of friend he/she keeps because,it was my friend that  landed me into this trouble.”

Asogwa Thankgod on his own part maintained that before now he used to be a movie star and actor from Umuokpala Ehalumona Nsukka Local Government Area of the state  but based at Opanda in Uzouwani Local Government Area of Enugu state.

On why he is  at the police station,he maintained that it is all about the issue of the kidnap of Enechi Ejiofor whom he said was kidnapped by the Odah nimbo vigilante group of which he participated.

He also narrated the story of his initiation and oath taking by the group to keep everything around him so secret or else risked being killed together with his father who is a headmaster of a school at Nimbo.

He maintained that he was giving the task of monitoring Ejiofor Enechi‘s Movement by the vigilante group for his possible kidnap since he knows Ejiofor and do visit his drinking joint at Opanda.

I know Ejiofo Enechi very well. I go to his bush bar at opanda to relax and he is also a member of National Union of Road Transport workers and special Assistant on security matters to Transition committee chairman Uzouwani Local Government Area.

On that fateful day of 13 December 2016, I went out with one chelsea whose real name I dont know but a strong member of the group  alongside others for the kidnap.

Chelsea has in his possession a pump action Automatic Gun. We actually kidnapped Ejiofor and I was the one that collected the 2million Naira Ransom paid by the relations of Ejiofor. The Ransom was kept in a bush near a shrine and I was directed by Ratty, Miri and Eartquake whose real names are not known to me but strong leaders of the group to go and collect the money and bring to them which I did. I regret my action because I did not report to the police or my father because I was  scared due to the blood oath we took.

Miri, Ratty and Earthquake told  me that the reason for kidnapping Ejiofor is that they want to treat his f**k up because he is the one that reveals their plots to herdsmen. Even go as far as writing their names and giving it out as people that usually attack herdsmen in the bush and stealing their money and cattle at  Odah Nimbo bush.

Odah nimbo is a neighbouring village to Ukbabi Nimbo. I cannot say for sure where Ejiofor Enechi  is now but Ratty,Miri and Earthquake can tell the position of Ejiofor Enechi.  I regret my action, as I would have focused more on my movie and film making Job Concludes  Asogwa Thankgod.

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