Stop Defending Patience Jonathan!

I really can’t understand why some people are rushing to defend Patience Jonathan over the allegation of $34m in various accounts. First, it remains an allegation- that I clearly understand. What I don’t understand is the penchant for us to rush to defend politicians. I can’t understand how someone can criticize Buratai’s homes in Dubai but defend Patience Jonathan’s millions of dollars. I can’t grab why someone will criticize the source of Aisha Buhari’s donations to IDPs but defend Patience Jonathan’s alleged sleaze. If we call out some people as hypocrites, then the same measure of judgment demands we should not behave like hypocrites- just because you’re a Jonathanian! It’s Nigeria we are talking about here and Nigeria is bigger than either Buhari or Jonathan.

For me, Patience needs to come clean: is it true that those accounts were operated by proxy? How did she come about $34m? What businesses did she run? What investments did she make? Does the Office of the First Lady get security votes also? Let’s call a spade a spade and not a farming implement.

We have to imbibe a patriotic spirit that goes beyond any political affiliation. If the person you love has been alleged to have committed an offense, let the law take it’s course. Good people go to jail also because of their indiscretion. We should be bold to do the right thing every time and not hide behind one finger. We should stop making excuses for our leaders. This is an area I’ve had issues with Buharists. Let us tell our leaders the truth always. A thief is a thief whether the thief is in APC or PDP.

Don’t rush to defend Patience Jonathan. It’s her alleged millions and not yours!

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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