Still on State of States

Bauchi State

Bauchi a relatively small state has a bad fiscal structure, with a surprising large monthly recurrent expenditure of
N5.41bn. If her monthly IGR remain N449.48m and her average monthly wage bill continue to increase, the state will continually nose dive financially. Bauchi has a great chance to make tourism lead her internal revenues drive.

Bayelsa State

The oil rich state is neck deep in debt, with a total debt stock topping N110.8bn as at the end of fiscal year 2015. Her average
monthly recurrent expenditure commitment remains abnormally high at N11.05bn. Bayelsa is a poster-child of mismanagement, she currently owes workers up to 3 month salaries although her population is less than that of Alimosho Local Government.

Benue State “the food basket of the nation”r has not been able to attract agro-allied products. Benue state’s fiscal situation is
difficult with the current Governor inheriting a mass of unpaid salaries and ballooned debt. If the state’s spendings are not checked and radical fiscal reforms quickly undertaken, she could be heading for a fiscal breakdown.

Author: Malik Shabbazz

Freelance Writer and Political Activist

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