Governor Fayose doing justics to various letters received during the last edition of the programme “meet your governor” for year 2017 at BSES, Ilokun in Ado-Ekiti on Monday.

I greet you my people at home.  A ku Odun, A Ku iyedun, emi wa a se pupo. I thank you all for the opportunity given me to serve you.

If I had the money, I would have visited every home as a father Christmas. Making me happy is the best way to impress my mother,  little kids cherish this gesture, my reason for reaching out to about 100,000 kids in Ekiti is to make their mothers happy. 

From Wednesday, my people in the stomach infrastructure office will be moving round town to give some of our people Xmas rice. All these are in a bid to make our people happy.

In my first term, I pay workers’ salary on the 2nd of every month, I left #10.4 billion in the coffers of Ekiti when I left, I came back in 2014 to a deluge of indebtedness.

Between October 2011 and September 2013, Fayemi got #46b from the  excess crude account. I have not borrowed a kobo in the name of Ekiti since I took over. Those lying that I borrowed #56b are only suffering from epilepsy.

I have received  #4.717b as Paris Club refund, I  will leave it to Labour leaders to share and decide what to do with the money.

I am not happy with the way Boko Haram is killing people up north but if money is being voted to fight Boko Haram,  they should also give us money to fight poverty here. If Boko Haram is killing people in the north,  hunger is killing my people here too, they should give us money to fight poverty, the money belongs to all of us.

Help me ask Fayemi what he did to improve Ikere when he was governor. Maintaining Oke Ayoba has become a challenge,  the borehole is no longer working by virtue of complexity of the building.  #210m is the amount needed for AC maintenance in the building,  Ekiti doesn’t have that kind of money.

I monitor my projects day and night. I have not gotten a penny from FG for roads my government helped them rehabilitate. Ekiti has not benefitted anything from the APC led FG.

Fayemi is the minister for solid minerals, can’t he tap any of our resources here? I have written to his office, we have about 41 solid minerals in Ekiti,  I included the locations in that letter, he should do something in his name, Ekiti might not have this kind of opportunity in the next 30 years, Fayemi should do something in his name.

I engaged civil servants today, I will engage teachers and LG workers in due course.

Ekiti has not benefitted from the FG’s school feeding programme.

When they come to beg for votes here, Ekiti will ask them what they have done to benefit Ekiti.

The only thing Buhari’s government have done in Nigeria is to aggressively loot Nigeria.

I have no doubt that Ekiti people will support and vote PDP on Saturday as councillors and chairmen. Our party will be giving flags to candidates on Thursday.

God speaks to me severally, he has also told me to gather people to worship him in this year’s Xmas Carol, you are all invited.

By the grace of God, before the end of January,  I will put smile on the lips of 10,000 Ekiti women.

Dear LG Chairmen, maintain the markets built by your predecessors.

I will call on all contractors in January 2017 to give us their bulldozers to construct some roads including the one that leads to Igimakodo area.

A woman can’t marry two men at a time,  those that are offended because I am not supporting their governorship aspiration should not be offended.  God said it is Eleka, we can’t disobey God.  I urge Prince Adeyeye and others not to be offended.

We have financial challenges, it is difficult to employ applicants these days moreso that those working are not being paid regularly, the pensioners bill is daily rising too. All the same I will do my best to recruit the much I can do before leaving office.

May God bless you all abundantly,  eeni fi Oju sunkun Omo, Ayo laafi sodun, Olorun a pese oun gbogbo ti a munuu wa dun in Jesus name.

Source: Ekiti State News

Author: Alexander

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