A Facebook page impersonating Nigerian actor “Yul Edochie” has been identified.

Fake Yul edochie Facebook page

The page has been announcing false promo with a reward of 50,000 Naira. Defrauding unguarded victims.

The impersonator has been identified as one Arinze with the number 07083673195

Arinze 419

Please be adviced. Yul Edochies accounts are as follows

Twitter: @yuledochie

Imstagram: @yuledochie

facebook: @yuledochieofficialpage

official website: www.yuledochieacademy.com

anuthing outside these platforms are not official and are fraudulent.

report any scam account to us or the social media platform for prompt action.

image image image image image

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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