SARS Raid New Haven, Enugu

The Officials of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad Enugu on Friday 10th February by 8:30pm stormed the Ugbo Okonkwo area of New Haven, Enugu randomly and arrested ordinary citizens without cause or warrant.

The information we got from individuals, passerbys and store owners in the vicinity confirmed that the arrest was not justified, as people who were arrested are either patronizing the stores or just passing through. The raid left most people devastated as some people left there cars unsecured while being towed away at the back of Sars Toyota hilux 4×4. The raid which included women as well was said to be inspired by a recent kidnap in the area. Some people were beaten for asking why they were arrested. Some lost there personal belongings in the illegal arrest.

The practice of illegal arrest was thought to have stopped with the emergence of the very religious Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi. However Sars and the Nigerian Police have proved that to be wrong.

Bail was set for the innocent people arrested at ₦15,000 Nigerian Naira. Those without close friends or relative to bail them out are still in custody regardless of whether you are guilty or not.

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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