Rockefeller Foundation delist Enugu City as on of the top 100 resilient cities in the world and this has raised a lot of  reactions from various officials in Enugu City.
Enugu City was listed in the foundations second cohort of participating metropolitan members admitted Enugu city in 2014.  With this admission Enugu was in a better position to benefit from a whole lot of resources and investments. which will help to create focus on infrastructural development and more development that will be added.
In reaction to this,  Mr Sam Ogbu-Nwobodo who is the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, told a news conference in Enugu on Wednesday that the state government had no official information on why Enugu city was delisted.
Enugu was allegedly removed from the list of 100 cities participating in the programme due to what the Foundation called “inaction’’.
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Author: Alexander Mezue

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