You know why Nigeria is not progressing?
It’s simple, our leaders have focused more on useless issues, developing their accounts in Swiss and the new trend now is owning ranches across the country. Well, am not going to focus on them for now..their turn is coming. Let’s talk about GTC (Government Technical College) and lets focus our gaze on Enugu, GTC Enugu.

Gtc enuguGtc enugu
Growing up in Enugu, I remember vividly how much GTC students were reverenced those days. The school was viewed as a school for exceptionally intelligent students who had the special abilities for creating and inventing things. Anybody who grew up in Enugu will remember Boiress.. Yes that wooden one that was used for fetching water, a lot of you might not know that it was an Invention of GTC students, you remember those students that will come to Okpara Square on Children’s Day with Robots made from Coca Cola Cans and Bonvita can scraps, they are from GTC.
The other day I went back to Enugu, just opposite the popular Polo Park Mall is this School. So I decided to take a stroll to the school and see how much it has developed, with the hopes of seeing students making drones and robots but the view I saw left me in tears. The once ALMIGHTY GTC was lying in its ruins, everywhere looking like a deserted burial ground. From the classrooms to the hostels, it was obvious that both the school and its students have been abandoned to their fate.
Gtc enugu
Just before I start boring you, let me remind you that China is what it is today because they paid attention to students in Technical Colleges more than they did with studnets in Medical Collges. Today, the result is evident even in the Medical field. Now I ask, why cant we develop our own to be like them.
Why do we have schools like this looking like where Dracula does scaring practice?
During Rainning seasons the amout of flood that passes through that school is enough to wash away all the sins of Nigeria. Am I going to leave out talking about the nature of classrooms in that school?! What will amaze you is that the school still have students both Day and Boarding students from Jss1 to Jss3. So tell me again, why Nigeria will develop if we have schools like this die an internal death.
As I write this, I wish we will find a way to share this till it gets to the necessary people who can do something about that school. This country is filled with potentials that are yet to be developed, we can develop them by taking schools like this as serious as we take traffic lights in Enugu.

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Author: Alexander

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