Edo State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), a party comprised of bandits, rogues, liars and simpletons are struggling to market their inherently defective product to Edo people.

Having fallen to infamy in the state, PDP and its horde are facing a herculean task everywhere they go, even with their hired crowd to convince anyone.

No amount of sloganeering and falsehood can change the real story of how the PDP raided Edo State while the party was in power.

Budgets were signed in the house of the party’s chieftain and shared among the party members in the years Edo people gave them the mandate to provide leadership.

No right-thinking person will forget in a hurry the trauma inflicted on Edo people by the sheer lack of capacity by the party, which is now mounting the rostrum to question the development model of former Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and now Godwin Obaseki in Edo State. School land was stolen from Anglican Girls Grammar School and shared among PDP members. Investigation into the allegation is almost concluded and every inch of the school land will be repossessed and given to the students for future expansion. Only a party of rogues like the Edo PDP can steal from students, pensioners, civil servants, those dying in hospitals, the dead in the mortuary and the unborn. The records abound.

It is worth repeating that no manner of phony rhetoric of faked repentance can make any member of the PDP – in whatever guise – an alternate candidate for political office in Edo state.

PDP will not win any election in Edo State and they know this for a fact and have instead embarked on the show of shame across the state. Even the tour is tainted with corruption as it is a strategy to swindle their sponsors in other states and their godfathers

The ongoing stunt by the PDP in organising press conferences and issuing press statements that are riddled with errors of spelling, facts and grammar attest to the quality of their minds as they are barely literate. No wonder they shared school land among themselves and built luxury houses with their loots. Their illogical, inconsistent and incoherent statements leave so much to be desired.

People are now aware that PDP only shows up to pretend to care for the people when elections are around the corner. That has been their stock in trade. Edo people have lost patience and are tired of the antics of the party of con-artistes led by discredited characters, who are not only full of pretence, but are seeking an avenue to return and continue to fritter the people’s commonwealth.

If Edo people need anything now from PDP, it is not the show of shame by the worn-out bandits who are seeking ways to return to power through the back door. What Edo people expect from the party is public apology for the wasted years and for stripping the people of the state of hope for the future, for causing economic stagnation and for short-changing the people.

We still recall how PDP took loans from banks and declared such loans as Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). These loans were then shared among top officials of the PDP, who went on a shopping spree overseas while the masses languished in penury. Edo people will not forget how top party officials of the PDP were then living in affluence while Edo people were left in pains without access to basic infrastructure.

It is on record that the pension arrears crisis which is being tackled head-on by Governor Obaseki, is traceable to the massive retrenchment of civil servants in the year 2000 by a PDP government. Then, civil servants who were yet to attain the mandatory retirement age were forcefully retired from service without their benefits paid.

It is rather unfortunate for the same PDP to speak for these same pensioners, all in a bid to discredit the effort of Governor Obaseki, who is making good his promise to clear the debt owed the pensioners before he came into office. As at December 2017, Obaseki’s administration had reduced the pension arrears owed retired civil servants, from about N10 billion to about N3.9 billion. To further demonstrate his resolve to clear this debt, the governor set aside N100 million monthly for clearing the outstanding N3.9 billion.

It baffles one that the PDP dares to question Obaseki for embarking on foreign trips to attract investors to Edo State. That such a feeble jab was made shows that the PDP doesn’t understand what it means to industrialise a state. So, they think it is by fronting phony companies? Is it not the same PDP that abandoned the Ehor fruit juice factory after going to town with news that it spent billions on the same project? Obaseki’s effort in driving industrial growth in the state is yielding results, visible to all, and no ill-fated attempt to discredit his efforts will stand.

After witnessing the dividends of democracy delivered by former Governor Adams Oshiomhole and now by Governor Obaseki, Edo people cannot return to the years of afflictions foisted on them by the PDP. Not now that Obaseki is making steady progress in building on the achievements of his predecessor. PDP’s mockery of itself cannot win back the hearts of Edo people. Their place has been and will continue to be cast on the back pages of history on how not to run a state.

Source: Edo State news

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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