Pilgrims from Benue State currently in Israel yesterday wrote and stuck their prayer requests into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in accordance with custom.

Before they embarked on the trip to the site which is believed to be part of the ruins of King Solomon’s Temple, the contingent gave an insight into some of their requests at an early Morning Prayer session held at Paradise Hotel in Bethlehem.

At the session led by Reverend Father Titus Imojime, the pilgrims prayed that God should raise a Moses in Nigeria who would deliver the people from the current killings and ensure peace and development.

Other prayer topics included deliverance of various states from domination and exploitation by political godfathers as well as those who betray their people for their selfish pecuniary interests.

Some of those interviewed at the wall stated that they prayed for divine intervention into Nigeria’s security, economic, and political challenges particularly as it relates to Benue State.

They said they specifically prayed for Governor Ortom who sponsored them on the trip so that God would give him divine direction and wisdom to take the right steps as well as help him to overcome all challenges including those related to payment of salaries, arrears, gratuities and pensions.

One of the pilgrims said he requested the reelection of the Governor.

The pilgrims also visited the Garden Tomb, Church of St. Anne and pools of Bethesda, Stations of the Cross as well as Church of the Sepulchre.

Source: Benue State News

Author: Alexander Mezue

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