First and foremost, well done gentlemen, good win. However, except the members of the Nigerian Super Eagles don’t know the Nigeria they are playing for, they should take all this praise over the 4-0 trashing of Cameroon in their stride. Please tell them not to let it get into their heads. When Nigerian fans are excited about something, they could praise you to high heavens. When they are disappointed, they could equally curse you, your family, friends, business and anything else that concerns you to high heavens. The reaction to this win is only a momentary feeling, we will forget it sooner than you know.

Also, I would advice the entire team and coaching crew plus the NFF should pay lip service to all these accolades and drumbeats flooding in from all parts of the country and face the next match in Yaoundé. Even if we win the Russia World Cup, please maintain the same attitude because its much safer. After all, it was almost the same Super Eagles team that won the Nations Cup just a few years ago. Only soon after, following a spate of bad spells, the same nation dumped them.

Nigerians are highly “foot-ballically” impatient and emotionally extreme. Please pass this on to them. Tell them to do their best and ignore all this noise in their best interest.

Word of advice from a Nigerian.


Author: Supersam

Founder & Chairman at Adrian&BRUCE Ltd,
Founder at Media Skills Academy and
Editor-in-Chief at Sound Foundry

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