Christian Pilgrims from different parts of the country today at a prayer meeting reaffirmed faith in the progress of the nation and blessed her in their prophetic utterances.

They met at Jerusalem Gold Hotel in Israel where they are currently undertaking the 2018 annual Christian pilgrimage.

The pilgrims come from Benue, Plateau, Adamawa, Kogi and the Federal Capital Territory.

They prayed against forces which hinder the progress of the country and requested God to help the nation to realize its potentials even as they urged citizens to resolve to protect its image and also speak positively about it.

The itinerary of the holy journey today included visits to the Dead Sea which is the lowest place on earth, the Qumran community where Scrolls of the Bible were discovered by archaeologists in 1947, as well as the Mountain of Temptation in Jericho. 

They retired to spend the night in Nazareth the native city of Jesus.

Source: Benue State News

Author: Alexander Mezue

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