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Some years ago, I wrote about this young man, how he has changed the game when it comes to Beat production little did I know that he was just starting. In his little studio somewhere in Ogui Road, Enugu, this man or should I even call him boy, always stay locked in cooking beats upon beats, dishing them out hot and eventually becoming hits and club banger.

Oh well, I know you are already dying to know who am talking about but before I unleash the cat out of the bag I would like to point out that this boy or man is not just one of the most creative guy I have met in Enugu.

Mba Kenechukwu Anthony, popularly known as Kezyklef is not just a producer but also a singer (I hope am right). Sometime around 2012 I remember meeting Kezyklef in one studio in Enugu, with his Nike shoe that was looking like mine (Dead but not done), he was struggling to be allowed to enter the booth. I just sat back and watched as he was turned down because his money was short N500 to complete the session fee. I met Kezy again at Maxibeats studio, when he came this time as a producer. “I admire this guys hustle” was what I thought to myself but then few minutes after he sat infront of the computer, this guy came up with one of the sickest beats I ever heard. Little did I know that I was looking at a beat genius. Severally I witnessed him produce songs getting better at each sound he conjured in the computer.

Kezyklef and Phyno

Kezyklef should really be an Inspiration to a lot young people out there who have talents but not given the opportunity to showcase them. Growing from that boy that was rejected from studios, he worked his way till he was able to open his own studio, became a renowned name in Enugu when it comes to music production. Most people would sit back and enjoy the fame and the little cash flow but Kezy didn’t, he still kept working hard like he was doing the first time I met him. He continued pushing, he was consistent, he was determined and yes he is still as humble as he has always been.

I took my time to write about Kezyklef not just because of his skills in music production but also because of his personality. Just before you start saying am over hyping him let me take you down memory lane. Who was behind Zoro’s Usain Bolt, who was behind ill Bliss Featuring Stormrex – 30. Now you see where am coming from.

Go to any banging club anywhere in Nigeria before three songs play, the next thing you will hear is “Its Kezyklef Production”, that is to say most if not all of his songs are club bangers. Kezyklef was the brain behind the following songs.

Phyno – E Sure For Me

Ransome Ft Reminisce – Okpoghole

Zoro Ft Flavor – Ogene (Which happens to be my best song till I heard)

Zoro Ft Phyno – Achinkolo

Slowdogg Ft Phyno – Aka Gi

Stormrex ft ill Bliss – 30

Chidinma Ft MI – Lorry

Ill Bliss Ft Flavour and Stormrex – Nku

Hype MC Ft Zoro – Konfuse

Kezyklef – Boliboli

Flavor Ft Phyno, Zoro – Gbo Gban Gbom (Une Soul)

Recently, Kezyklef has just found a way of interpreting the local Ogene sound and fuzzing it into contemporary hiphop, bring out a new sound which I call OgeneHipHop.

Come to think of it, Kezyklef would have been somewhere in Alaba market selling CD’s if he didn’t follow up his dreams. Having graduated from GTC (Government Technical College) in Enugu, Kezy was shipped to Alaba where he was to become a trader but No, his spirit didn’t want to settle as a trader, he came back to Enugu and started learning production under the watchful eyes of Mr Blings. Determined to achieve the greatest height in music production, he left the studio and did some studio ratting till he was able to save up to start his own studio GROOVY SOUND STUDIO. Practically speaking, his story is just a pure story of from Grass to Grace

Believe it or not… Kezyklef Mba, is really taking over!

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Author: Alexander

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