Nigeria is not a failed state. Its only a geographical enclave of failed cultures, failed ideals, failed institutions, failed morals and failed families. If the people living within it took their culture serious, if they took time to build and pass down good virtues to their children and we worked to build the fabric of everything that make us a nation. We won’t be here.

I see a lot of people who haven’t contributed anything to develop human and material capacity of their immediate community abuse Nigeria – Nigeria the finished project and not Nigeria the process. These finger pointers are only acting a script they had no contribution in making. They speak shallowly with no clear understanding of the people or circumstances that brought this nation to its knees. They speak of the eventual outcomes and not the historical antecedents. The How, Who, Why don’t cross their minds – except the When.

What were our forebears doing to pass the right values and build strong foundations for us? What did we do with the right values they passed down? We are quick to disown Nigeria because we refuse to admit our complacency in the rot we are suffering now. Children often approach their parents to question the rationale behind the actions or inactions they took that has rippled to them generations later, but we cant ask our forebears why they stood by and watched the systems breakdown.

The failures of our forbears are evident in the fault lines that are so glaring today. From Economy, Education, Politics, Public Service, Accountability etc, they failed and we won’t admit it. We would rather place blame on the doorstep of Tribe and Political Balance or imbalance. We play too much politics and little of soul searching.

We are giving excuse for their misdeeds and numerous generational misfires and our irritating penchant for absolving ourselves of blame. We see the faults but we would rather complain about it than fix it. We are irresponsible, it wasn’t our fault. Our children and those behind them will be less forgiving.

I say again, Nigeria is not a failed state, everything that should make it whole has failed and we all – ancestors and descendants have a hand in it. For we will not be judged by how bad the situation is, but what we did to remedy it.

Happy Birthday Nigeria. 57.

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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