New Relationship Trend by Amb Unyime Ivy-King

AMB UNYIME IVY-KING writes my mind in this piece, Enjoy:

It seems the new trend now is:
1. Boy meets girl- however they meet- and fall madly in love with a common interest for the fast, pretentious and showy life.

2. Have a whirlwind, destination themed, celebrity wedding that is the talk of the nation.

3. Start splashing pictures on social media to show how happy they are, for whoever cares to know.

4. Flaunt expensive gifts that many see only on tv, hear about in tales told by moonlight, or in dreams, and exotic holiday destinations.

5. Allow it to look as if it’s working for a few months, then gradually let slip that the walls are cracking and all’s not well in paradise. At this stage their tribes begin to gather – both those for, and against.

6. Full blown war and conflict. All sorts of theatrics and drama unfold and couple become officially separated. This is the stage in the script where cans of worms are unleashed for the birds to feast on. They hold nothing back as they regale listening ears and reading eyes with tales of woe- even Job’s suffering pales in significance to their account of what they have had to endure in what was once paradise.

7. Because it is the age of social media, their tribes are fully formed and links begin to fly in defense or offense, depending on which side of the army they’re fighting for.Many people fall over themselves to share the couple’s ‘unfortunate’ story and even those that do not even have an idea who they are, even if they were to walk past them, share vivid descriptions of the injustices that have been meted out by a partner who latched on to benefit from the largesse of their heart and fame. At this stage, their fame has really spread within and without and the ones who buy their story, are ready to defend them with their blood, if need be.

You are burnt toast, if you dare express an opinion that does not conform to what the generality of people are saying. The ones who don’t care, just shake their heads and move on, or if they are passionate enough, jump into the fray and relate their own accounts of how much of a monster the partner they perceived to have erred, is. It is not debatable- the marriage is officially headed for the rocks. It’s over.

8. Finally there’s a lull- as each person nurses their ‘wounds’ and broken hearts then bingo! The impossible happens. They either reconcile, or come to some sort of agreement or understanding.

9. At this stage, they are literally icons, who are well celebrated, applauded for their ‘survivor’ spirit, and invited to share the ‘journey through.’ Congratulations on their award winning stories.Even the stories that win the Oscars and Grammys of Hollywood do not meet the cut, ‘cos these new stories, arising from new marital trends, like new money, are the real deals. I present to you, the emerging mentors and role models of this age!!!!

If you keep get taken in by all these funny stories over and over again, what can I do? I can’t help you there- every man or woman for himself and to your tents o Israel. No matter how much you speak with authority about another person’s marital woes, only the two players in the marriage know the full truth of the dynamics that played out in their home. It is also the height of foolishness and stupidity to bring your issues to the court of public justice. There are less dramatic ways and channels of seeking help when there are cracks in any relationships, if you really desire a solution and are not just playing to the gallery or getting some sort of kick out of the whole publicity that your story has generated in the public eye.

Repeat after me: EVERY MARRIAGE WILL EXPERIENCE CONFLICT at some point. How you approach issues will make or mar you and your marriage. It’s amazing how it seems the copy cat syndrome or bandwagon effect does not only happen in the movie industry where somebody comes up with a movie idea and enough producers fall over themselves to copy the same themes, it’s now playing out in some marriages; there’s an unspoken competition for whose story on social media would be the most dramatic!!!! Interesting generation indeed!!!

If you do not like my little story, please write your own version on your wall!
Thank you 😊~ UIK

Amb Unyime-Ivy King


Author: Supersam

Founder & Chairman at Adrian&BRUCE Ltd,
Founder at Media Skills Academy and
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