The only person(s) to blame in all this is not Buhari or Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB and the gullible few that follow them.

The fault is from the Media.

We (the media) helped to midwife the crisis through unprofessional conduct and disrespect for ethics. We kept silent while a man was allowed to run a pirate radio station within the same space where legitimate licence applicants have to cough out upwards of N15-30million just to operate. We didn’t protest, we even tumbled over ourselves to promote him and his radio.

Our newsprint colleagues have had a field day giving the man and his mindless, mismatched movement – sensational headlines while other crucial national events were relegated to the mid pages. From there, communities of newspaper commentators found, fabricated and broadcasted wholesome tales that have brought us to where we are today.

Ahh! Social Media – the great grandmother of them all! The repository of all manner of stories that have done more harm to heat up the polity than unite it. A foreigner going through our media walls prior to the military intervention would assume we were a war town nation.

Nothing good, positive or edifying have been posted in the media since Kanu came into public consciousness. He has been made an enigma to some and a demi-god to many. I disagree with the notion that he is a creation of President Buhari owing to his incarceration. El-Zazaku, Olisa Metuh, FFK, Col Dasuki are also visitors to prisons during this regime and they are not as popular as Kanu.

I’m not emotional about the Operation Python Dance because for a few of us, it was expected. It was just a matter of when. Military Exercises like Crocodile Smile, Python Dance I have been staged in other regions to quell uprising. Its not new.

Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB and the rest of Nigeria have no one else to thank for the latest happenings but the Media. Kudos!


Author: Supersam

Founder & Chairman at Adrian&BRUCE Ltd,
Founder at Media Skills Academy and
Editor-in-Chief at Sound Foundry

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