Marriage in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry by Sammy Ajufo

Lets say a Big Thank You to some misguided and mismatched members of the Entertainment Industry for helping to water down the very essence of the sanctity of marriage and the strength of family. Everyday, these “celebs” as we have crowned them make mockery of Marriage and Family in a public show of shame which should entirely be a private matter. They have and are currently introducing the second element in the “Two shall become one flesh biblical injunction”- the second being the Public.

Why should we know what happens behind closed doors in the marriage nobody forced you into? Why spill it on Social Media? Were you not told at the altar to leave and cleave? That no man or woman should put asunder? Ohh, you want the public to judge over your matter in the bad times, when you told them to get out of your business in the good seasons? Do you really understand the meaning of “mind your business”? Marriage is your business!

And to Peter and Paul Okoye of Psquare and their brother Jude I am totally irritated by your Annual Public Show of Shame since you two achieved stardom and got married to your baby mamas. Its a shame and a failure of your family who can’t manage the two of you and your celeb status. You show off everything on Social Media – And I mean Everything! You should be ashamed of yourselves bringing your dirty linens in public. There’s nothing shocking about Twins fighting, its normal! But yours? Its Shameful.

If this a publicity stunt like the previous ones to make your “fans” take sides between you, then you should sack your PR Adviser because this is an embarrassment. Your squabbles have outshone your music and we are tired, last time we heard Dangote waded into your matter, now is it Trump that should come in? You have the resources but you both chose to live in the same house. Why? Your mentors in the foreign scene don’t break up and make up every year like you do- once is enough!

We are tired! Break up and stay broken, we don’t care, it doesn’t make Pythons stop dancing.

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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