I heard the reason why there was no protest in Enugu is because IPOB told people not to join and that’s because Igbo people are not Nigerians. Another person said the PPRO of the Police Force, Enugu State Command gave an order that no protest should take place.

For both excuses, I laugh.

Who is deceiving who? Why don’t we admit to the truth? We are backward! We are out of sync with the present realities! We are OK with whatever is handed to us. For instance, EEDC increases tariffs and nobody reacts (of course they know we won’t),then fuel stations sell at exorbitant prices and nobody registers concern, Meanwhile, ESUT fees are unbelievably high and the best we can do is resign ourselves to fate. South East roads are bad, we keep quiet, we spend thousands of Naira buying water in Enugu and its become OK, we are used to it.

Keke and Bus drivers are extorted daily by Policemen and its the way things go, there’s no need shouting about it. Our students are asked to pay bribes and buy textbooks to pass examinations and its no biggie, we are OK with that. Our daughters/sisters are given outrageous targets at their places of work and they have to do anything to meet up. The regular retort is “That’s the hazard of the Profession”.

Some of our Onitsha brothers are substituting chalk for drugs and selling it to us, killing us out rightly and we just shove it off and rather put the blame on government. In another scenario, a politician begs his people to send him into Elected Office and all he has to show for it is after 4 years are sewing machines, hairdryer, generators and Keke. “At least they are trying na! They are doing something!”

A rich Man invites police to beat up another and jail him indefinitely for unjustifiable reasons and our response is “Na man know man”. Salaries and pensions not paid, yet the Executive Governor buys jeeps for Assembly members and PAs. Our answer? ” One day, We sef go Enter There Follow Enjoy”. Now 10 year old Girls are raped, by a group of men or an old man weekly, we asked the child “Wetin you wear? Wetin carry your two leg waka go there” A Husband beats wife to stupor, we say “What God has joined together” or ‘Women mouth sha”. Madam pours hot water on maid, we say “These house girls of nowadays are witches sef”.

Now, the country is at a standstill and we say “We are not Nigerians, its not our business”. These are Excuses, Excuses, Excuses and a lack of spine. Wasnt it the East and South that voted overwhelming for Jonathan, shouldn’t we be the ones with the last laugh?. But what do we do? Chicken out ONCE AGAIN from a golden opportunity.

Before someone points me to the Pro-Trump rally in PH (Which has NO bearing with our common development whatsoever) which unfortunately got some people killed. Or the Pro-Nnamdi KANU rally in Onitsha which saw a clash of armed protesters against Security agencies which resulted in the loss of lives. Bear in mind that these two scenarios were totally needless and they had no relationship with how our State Governments have handled our Commonwealth.

After the Onitsha and PH debacles, Igbo people moved on, no mourning whatsoever. It was just another day.


Author: Supersam

Founder & Chairman at Adrian&BRUCE Ltd,
Founder at Media Skills Academy and
Editor-in-Chief at Sound Foundry

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