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Yaradua is from Katsina. The Igbo accepted him and voted for him. Buhari is from Katsina. The Igbo hated him and did not vote for him. It’s not tribalism bro, we simply SAW TOMORROW.

Also, In the Nigerian political history, right from the civil war days till the NCNC vs NPC era, No state or tribe has rejected the Igbo alliance as much as the people of Bayelsa, but the Igbo loved Jonathan and stood by Jonathan — a scion of Bayelsa state and an undiluted Ijaw man– till the end.

History has vindicated that the political decisions of the Igbo man have always been geared towards Nationalistic considerations rather than ulterior selfish tribalistic motives. So, Mr Kelechi Jeff Eme, we antagonise the Fulani today, because Buhari is that breed of Fulani that holds every other race (including the Yoruba, that voted for him) in contempt; seeing himself as superior and others as immaterial.

It doesnt matter to an Igbo man of today, if an Osibanjo presidency would postpone the chances of an Igbo Presidency till 2050, we dont care. We just want a sensible and humane president who would not shove his balls into our face, laughing while we choke and gasp for air. We just want someone who would be humane enough to effect the restructuring of Nigeria or tell the ‘useless’ troublesome Igbo to go and form their own BIAFRA. You would agree with me that Jonathan, made a move towards this, by calling for a National conference.

I want to assure my unborn son that with hard work he can aspire to any office in the land. I don’t know what you want to assure your young daughter. But what I really know, is that Igbo Presidency is not the answer to Nigeria’s malaise, or would you wish, say, a Joe Igbokwe Igbo presidency on Nigeria?


By Chike Awuzie

Author: Alexander

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