An Instagram User by Username pale_h0rse expresses displeasure at the manner voters registration is going in Enugu. he disclosed how registration was done with a single computer
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Nigeria is engineered to make you fail.
I left my house by 8.30 am to go to the Enugu North INEC PVC registration site across the road from Enugu Prison.
I had been here a few weeks ago but met a crowd that didn’t give any indication of thinning after 2 hours. Came back today and met the same thing. The people that were being called when I got there were the ones that got there between 6-7 am to write down their names. If I had any hope of getting mine today, it would be way past noon.
I don’t understand why the entirety of Enugu North local government area, and people like me from Enugu South (since someone thought it was a great idea to transfer our registration site from Uwani where it has been for years to Amechi village), are being registered by a single computer.
I had to get to the market so I had to leave. I kept asking myself what level of corruption and ineptitude had allowed this to happen.
Times like this you just get bone-tired of this country.
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