Following the incidence that occurred at NNPC Mega Filling Station Enugu, where a Police man and Airfoce personals went from word rants to fist fights and then an alleged exchange of bullets. Where a Police officer was severely wounded, the Police in Enugu have sent Coalcity Connect, their press release on what happened.

Reads as follows


The Enugu State Police Command has said that the clash between a policeman and an airman in Enugu on Tuesday was a mere case of mistaken identity.

It would be recalled that a police personnel said to be on mufti and  later identified as one sgt Gabriel Chukwu had allegedly clashed with a team of Airforce personnel at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Mega station at Naira Triangle Enugu at about 11am.It was further gathered that  sgt. Gabriel Chukwu  had gone to buy  fuel  and  was about to be attended to when suddenly a team of Airforce men came towards his pump side and ordered that he should remove his vehicle while they get fuel first.This however brought about a disagreement between Gabriel Chukwu and  personnel of Nigerian Air-Force Base. The ensuing altercation led to his being assaulted heavily by the team.Meanwhile,the situation was later brought to control as  the Airforce Authority in the state through Wing commander Ao Adeyemi are taking further necessary action against the  personnel who participated in the act just as the injured Gabriel Chukwu is responding to medical attention at the Police Medical Clinic at the No 3 police mobile force squadron,Enugu.According to wing commander Adeyemi,the action of his personnel are not a welcomed one as there was no basis for that but promised to take action in relation to the misconduct of the Airmen at the Filling station.

The command’s spokesman, SP Ebere Amaraizu, said that the policeman though on mufti could not have formed the basis of his assault.He went to get fuel just like any other person and it was his turn before the airmen came in and ordered that he should remove his car which brought about disagreement and altercations and his eventual assualt.However,we have a strong relationship and partnership with other sister security Agencies in the state.Am also happy with the way and manner the issue  went in terms of portraying the togetherness of the security Agencies following the prompt arrival of the Airforce Authority through wig commander AO Adeyemi and the issue has consequently been waded into and also the injured is recovering.

Amaraizu, however, said that normalcy and sales of petroleum products had continued in the filling station after police and Nigeria Air Force authorities waded into the misunderstanding.

He noted that the incident, contrary to public expectations, would further improve the synergy between the police and the Nigeria Air-Force in Enugu State as there would not be any cause for alarm in the police/Air force Relationship in the state.

“It is a mere case of mistaken identity on the part of the policeman on mufti and the eventual disagreement and altercation but is being handled by both police and Airforce Authorities in Enugu

“Assuming the Nigeria Air-Force convoy coming into the filling station met him on his uniform as a policeman they would have acknowledge his presence as one of them and such situation would not have arisen as we dont have any acrimony with any sister Agencies in the state and we have been working together.


Amaraizu, who is a Superintendent of Police, said that the injured policeman had been responding to treatment and “he is in a stable condition after receiving medical attention in police medical facility’’.

“A delegation from the authorities of Nigeria Air-Force in Enugu had visited the injured police personnel in the medical facility as well as the police headquarters to show remorse and regret to what had happened.

“They also assured the police authorities that such incident will never happen again.

“They also promised us that this particular incident would further cement the inter-security agency co-operation between the police and the Nigeria Air-Force,’’ he added.

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Author: Alexander Mezue

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