Shops and stores at the modern Oja Oba currently under construction in Ado Ekiti have been finally allocated to prospective buyers through lucky dip.

While conducting the allocation process at the market, Ekiti state governor, chief Ayodele Fayose said he decided to distribute the market before he left so as to ensure that the shops were duly sell to the rightful people.

He explained that those who were fresh prospective traders would be allowed to buy 30% of the shops, 20% would be reserved for community leaders across the state while 50 % would be for the former occupants whose shops were demolished before the construction of the market commenced.

According to the governor, shops at the first floor would go for seven hundred and fifty thousand naira, the ones on second floor would be sold for 1 million while those on the ground floor would be given out at the rate of 1.5 million naira.

Open stores bellow the market building would be disbursed at the rate of 200 thousand naira.

Chief Fayose noted that shop of any lucky individual who failed to pay up her money within seven days would be revoked and sold to someone else.

Source: Ekiti State News

Author: Alexander

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