Enugu State government has urged residents to be vigilant, following the fresh outbreak of Lassa fever in Ebonyi State.
The Commissioner for Health, Dr. Fintan Ekochin, who made the appeal yesterday made these statements

“although the disease has not been reported in the state, there were concerns about those who travel to and from Ebonyi.”

“Lassa fever has been a challenge in Ebonyi State as the people are prone to having issues that may lead to deaths.

“Our concern is about those commuters, if they contact the disease, how do we select them from the general public, quarantine and treat them?”

He said presently, since the disease is not endemic among the Enugu population, the risk remains lower. The commissioner appealed to the residents to maintain a high level of hygiene, adding that food items must not be exposed to rodents, cockroaches and flies.He explained that the risk of contacting the disease could be reduced if the environment is kept clean and rodent-proof containers are used to store foods.
Ekochin disclosed that the state has an internationally approved isolation ward, which could handle highly infectious diseases. So, we are ready to receive such patients and treat them.
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Author: Alexander Mezue

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