Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, today stated that comments of the nation’s Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, attributing the recent invasion and killings in the state to the anti-open grazing law indicated that he was part of the conspiracy.

He spoke at the Benue Peoples House today when newsmen requested him to react to the comments.

“They know where these people are so they are making me to believe that the Minister of Defence is also part of the conspiracy against Benue State and it’s not about grazing,” the Governor stated.

“It’s about occupation, taking over the land and that is what Miyetti Allah said and they have accepted that it should be so, this is not correct.”

“If you say it is because of the law that killings by herdsmen are going on in Benue, is there any law prohibiting open grazing in Adamawa State? Is there any one in Plateau State? Is there any law in Kaduna, Ondo, Bayelsa, Imo, Ebonyi, Delta or Edo States?” Governor Ortom asked.

He said the remarks were not only provocative but like dancing on the graves of those people who were murdered and slaughtered in this state on the first of January.

“It’s unfortunate that you have those kinds of people who are saddled with the responsibility of providing security for our contry, I don’t want to join issues with him but I will personally see him and try to find out why he had to say that,” the Governor stressed.

He urged the federal government to face this challenge squarely because it is their responsibility to provide security for lives and property because states don’t own security apparatus of this country.

Governor Ortom described the herdsmen attacks as a monster that has the capacity of consuming the entire country.

Source: Benue State News

Author: Alexander Mezue

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