According to a Coal City Reporter, The protests by the IPOB members started at an event organised by a pan-Igbo group to honour some Igbo personalities, including first President of Nigeria, late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
The event had proceeded smoothly until one of the Igbo leaders spoke of the need to restructure Nigeria along regional lines.
The development apparently angered the agitators, who interrupted the speaker, insisting that “It is Biafra or nothing else.”
Attempts by the organisers of the event to reason with the secessionists were not successful.
The activists became violent when it was announced that Azikiwe was to be given a posthumous award for his efforts towards sustaining the unity of the country.
The announcement angered the pro-Biafran agitators, who voiced their condemnation of Azikiwe’s ‘nationalistic politics.’
In loud voices, they blamed Azikiwe for the current travails of the Igbos in Nigeria, even as they insisted on secession.
Efforts by the organisers of the event to subdue the irate youths was met with violence, as the agitators stormed the high table, and attacked some of the dignitaries. The Igbo leaders ran away from the venue of the event as the agitators threw stones and other objects at the vehicles that conveyed the dignitaries.
A Facbook user shared a videoclip of the event… Watch Video Below

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Author: Alexander Mezue

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