When Benue Christian Pilgrims visited the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Israel, today many drew similarities between the Nazi annihilation of the Jews and the ongoing ethnic cleansing by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria.

All who visited the museum and saw memorials of victims including photographs, films, newspaper cuttings, and listened to testimonies of survivors of the massacre of six million Jews by the Nazis were baffled and confounded.

They prayed for divine intervention to prevent a repeat of such history in Nigeria and elsewhere in the world.

While being conducted through various sections by Reverend Father Titus Imojime, Captain of Bus Seven, a female pilgrim remarked that the Nazi policy of anti-Semitism initiated by the German leader, Adolf Hitler, was similar to the policy in Nigeria where indigenes were killed and their lands taken over.

She said the directive to surrender ancestral lands or face certain death was confirmation that a government approved ethnic cleansing agenda was being carried out in Nigeria.

The pilgrim and others called for the international community to stop the agenda before the situation degenerated to the scale similar to that of the Holocaust.

Other holy sites which the pilgrims visited included the Church of the Nativity where Jesus Christ was born and the Shepherd’s Field where angels announced the birth to Shepherds as well as Saint Jerome’s Chapel where he translated the Bible.

Pilgrims who had visa challenges yesterday scaled the hurdle earlier in the day and joined the contingent before it embarked on today’s visit to the sites.

Source: Benue State News

Author: Alexander Mezue

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