Canada Visa

Canada Visa


So Many people get refused a visa for many countries not because they are not qualified, but they make simple mistakes that may discredit their application. It is even worse coming out of a country like Nigeria with a reputation of Immigration violations. However, if you are genuine all you need to do is follow the instructions given and prove to the Visa Officer to the best of your ability that you qualify for the visa you are applying for, even if it means submitting dozens of Documents to support your claim. You dont get a second opportunity to include further documents unless you reapply and pay the fees again.

Everything you need to know before applying is located on canada official website. Although the problem most people have is navigating the website because of its complexity. This link will get you started

Temporary residents: Eligibility and admissibility considerations

It is best to know before you start any application, If you qualify. There is no backdoor way to get a Canadian temporary resident visa, It has to be merited. So if you are not convinced that you qualify, you should either seek the help of an immigration expert or wait until you situation improves significantly.

If you do qualify however then proceed to the next step


Temporary resident: Application intake assessment

It is wise to know what the visa officer is mandated to look out for before completing your application.

Temporary residents: Refusals overview


For Documentation and application follow the next step

Applying for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa – IMM 5256)

This page contains everything you need to know, if you will be patient enough to study it. It is better you take your time to apply correctly than seeking for an appeal or re application which most Nigerians tend to do.

There are 2 modes of application;

Paper Application

Online Application (recommended)

In addition to proper & Sincere completion of your application it is important that you take extra care in including supporting documents, First of which is

Temporary residents: Proof of Funds / Financial Support

Showing that you have enough cash for your trip and enough to come back to after your trip goes a long way to justify your application. As you read this page it is important to note that improper cash lodgements to your account is not considered. Some people borrow money from friends in a bid to make their account valid for the application. This is enough for the visa officer to deny you Visa. If you can avoid this temptation and be sincere enough to explain your income, you are good to go. Also Visit Document Checklist

If your visa application is refused you will be given a Refusal letter – Temporary resident in this format. The letter is never detailed enough for you to pinpoint faulty areas. Since there is no formal appeal process laid out by the visa offficer, I recommend you just request for your Access To Information Act however a canadian resident or citizen has to apply on your behalf. This information will help you know in detail why you were refused a visa



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