There is a statement credited to six governorship aspirants of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Benue State on the eve of their primaries which did not disclose what any of them would offer to the electorate if elected. 

One expected that the aspirants would unfold their blueprints for the development of the state and what they would do differently to positively affect the lives of the people.

Benue voters who read the statement searched for the point of convergence of their collective positions on good governance and their solutions to the challenges confronting the state but found none.

This indicated clearly that the aspirants and their party have nothing positive to offer to the Benue people.

The common ground for all the aspirants in the statement remained the bashing of the incumbent Governor, Samuel Ortom, and the recycling of unfounded allegations and false narratives.

There is therefore need to restate that since Governor Ortom and other patriots in Benue State took the wise decision to dump the APC for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, leaders of that party have not recovered from that telling blow that has left their floundering and sinking party in total confusion. They have consequently resorted to Ortom bashing as a favorite pastime and lamentation as if that will bring their discredited party back to life.

Their unfounded and unproven allegations to achieve political mileage as well as false attempts to change the true narratives have not come to their rescue just as their serial resorts to impunity.

For instance, when they state that the arrest of an individual and his revelations or disclosures have indicted Governor Ortom on the security situation in the state one wonders where such revelations or disclosures have been made if not the deliberate fabrications to please obvious sponsors. 

No one who has been tried and convicted in any court of law has ever indicted the Governor in his testimony or evidence.

The mention of any arrest made with regard to the security situation in Benue State which does not include leaders of Fulani socio-cultural groups who openly threatened and subsequently carried out attacks on communities in Benue State is a travesty of justice.

More so that such leaders have been repeatedly reported to the APC-controlled federal government security agencies.

Our appeal is that the fortunes of the Benue electorate are better with the re-branded and refocused PDP which has learnt from its mistakes, apologized and returned to favour, and Governor Ortom who is steering the ship of state well in turbulent times.

He has already recorded milestones in the security, health, education, infrastructure, agriculture as well as several other factors and is poised to do more if re-elected.

The APC in Benue State is in the hands of a power thirsty megalomaniac who has held the state down in a suffocating manner since 1999 and is out to use aspirants on that platform to achieve his whims and caprices.

He and his group have nothing to offer and must be rejected.

Tahav Agerzua, 
Special Adviser, Media and ICT.
29th September, 2018.

Source: Benue State News

Author: Alexander Mezue

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