Anambra And The Stifling Of Vibrancy

Reports have it that the Government of Anambra State has been covertly employing people into the state civil service without requisite publications and other due processes. This surreptitious recruitment exercise is alleged to be skewed almost exclusively in favour of Aguleri extracts, the Governor’s kith and kin.

Though unconfirmed, it would be exceedingly naive to put anything beyond the present administration in the state considering its overwhelmingly repulsive record. The level of clannish predilection and primordial posturing being exhibited by the Willie Obiano led government is unprecedented. Sometimes I actually wonder whether it is this same life, so fickle, so fleeting, that people go to sleep and don’t wake up for no fault of their’s that some persons find the temerity to be so conniving, so devious?

Meanwhile we are oftentimes engaged in vociferous lamentations about our real and imaginary losses at the federal level vis a vis appointments while paying scant regard to goings-on within our home states. We accuse President Buhari of ethnic irredentism, maybe rightly so, because of his manifestly lopsided political appointments. It didn’t start with him however, neither will it end with his reign. Maybe his is the most brazen thus far or more pronounced because he is unapologetic as a national stage actor but whatever be the case, we must individually and collectively take our state governors to task on this very canker worm that has a retrograde effect on our development as a nation. Or aren’t the governors and local government chairmen supposed to have greater proximity to the grassroots?

What is really happening in Anambra State? When our governor is not commissioning street lights, he is stamping his pictures on the bags of rice churned out from the state’s farms in such a display of crass megalomania that will humble even the late Jean-Bédel Bokassa. Now this.

That aggravated narcissism with the Governor as the vainglorious beneficiary is now nearly an abiding policy of state in Anambra is common knowledge around the nation and beyond. Ndi-Anambra, What have we gotten ourselves into? The answer is potentially benumbing. Now is time to pray, the season of voting shall yet come.

Okey Joe Emenike

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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