Always try to see the end from the start by Sammy Ajufo

Hey you! Let me tell you something! You are joining the band wagon of people who castigate Government and blame past, present and future administrations for the state of the Economy. You claim its your right abi? Wehdone Sir! It was around times of plenty that a young man was snuffed from his fathers house by his own brothers, stuck in a pit and sold off to slave merchants. His sudden transition from Favorite Son to Slave could have hit him so hard that he would have killed himself on the journey to Egypt. He didn’t.

He ended up as a Houseboy to a top Government Official, kicked out based on a lie and ended up in a Maximum Prison.

It was also in these times of plenty that he served as he had done since his days as a houseboy where he scored high in Resource Management and low in Tact and Evasive Charm. In the Maximum Prison he not only put his Resource Mgmt skill to work, he also learnt Human Resource Management, Psychology, Negotiation Skill and Finance Management. As at the time he was called before Pharaoh, the young man had not only mastered these skills but had also become a Guru in Strategy and Economics as well as a very healthy dose of Self Confidence, Boldness and Integrity. He came highly recommended.

After he spoke in the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream, his Interpretation was not the only thing that impressed the Egyptian King but the powerful mix of experience and a truckload of skill giving weight to his words. That’s how Joseph Ben Jacob became the first Israeli to be an Egyptian Prime Minister/ Finance, Trade and Investment Minister as well as Economic Adviser.

Its in your bible, go check.

But here’s my point. You are going through a whole lot of stuff right now almost similar to what Joseph did and the difference between you and Joseph is not that he was more blessed and “luckier” than you. What differentiates you two is that one chose to weather the storm and learn how to sail the wind, the other was content just complaining. Even in his lowest time, he was building capacity, learning the hard way, making connections, forging friendships and being the best he could be. Was there never a time he must have been discouraged and angry? Of course! You be Jesus?

But always try to see the end from the start because one day! All the experiences and the skills will be needed. There is a great problem coming that is coming for you alone to solve. Your prison years may all just amount to this moment! Don’t just wait doing nothing and lamenting! Country Hard! Country Hard! Market Never Close for One day! Start and keep building, training, learning. Your time will come if its not already here. Prepare in the good and tough times, you will thrive when times are tougher.

Now have you seen why you should be happy in the times of recession? Because its the best time to bring the right solutions to the troubled kings seeking answers. Have you seen a man diligent in his duties? He will stand in front of Kings. Two kinds of people stand before Kings; those with problems and those with Solutions. Trust me, the latter is more valuable.

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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