It is clear from the submission of Chris Nehikhare, the spokesman for Edo Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in his communique that in the PDP, their ears, eyes and minds may actually be impaired, otherwise the statement issued yesterday by the Special Adviser to the governor on media and communication strategy with the headline, “No agreement to establish cattle colony in Edo State – Obaseki” would have dealt with their curiosity.

Today alone, over six national newspapers published the story on Edo Government ’s position with regard to the proposed cattle colony; THE GUARDIAN NEWSPAPERS, BUSINESSDAY, VANGUARD and many others. Same for the broadcast channels.

One however wonders how possible it is for the PDP to begin to care so much about Edo people who they subjugated, oppressed, harassed and in some cases, maimed and killed when they held sway and reigned in lawlessness almost as a matter of policy.

Was security vote drawn in those days when cult killings were rife, political assassinations were the norm and Edo people were in perpetual state of fear of the PDP government that was supposed to protect them?

Terrible as the security challenge may be today, at least the government of Governor Godwin Obaseki and Edo people are defending the state against external elements in the name of herdsmen and whatever name they go by. But in the case of PDP, the people had to defend themselves against the very government they elected.

As the saying goes that the person who made the mess may quickly forget but the one who cleaned it will have the memory linger for much longer. Chris Nehikhare, Dan Orbih and their cohorts in the PDP may have forgotten about the volume of innocent blood that was spilled in this land under their watch and the mess they made, but Edo people will never forget.

For their information, the security vote which they are so fixated on and which they seem intent on returning to squander, is being judiciously managed by the very fiscally disciplined Governor Godwin Obaseki administration.

Also, just in case the PDP has miraculously regained its ability to see, hear and comprehend, I wish to restate that “there is no agreement to establish cattle colony in Edo State.”


Crusoe Osagie

Special Adviser to Edo State Governor on media and communication strategy

Source: Edo State news

Author: Alexander

Web Developer and Administrator at HN Initiative

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