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We all know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus are the social media giants but these apps dont favor people of certain ages. I Mean, what does a widower put in his status when registering.The apps listed here applies to everyone. These are neccessary apps which you must use at a particular point in your regular activities.The best thing about these apps is that they are FREE Check them out

  1. TruecallerApp icon

This is by far one of the best apps available for free on Ios and Android.

It identifies numbers not saved on your phone and its accurate 100% of the time unless it doesnt know the number. Which of course is due to a newly registered line.Its process of identification still baffles alot of people but if you hate surprise calls then this app is for you.As long as the number displays you can identify the person. To perfect the identification trick, When the name is displayed just copy it to facebook to put a face to that name. Surprise your caller.


Most people know this app because its the first site that comes up when you search for anything on Google. For those of you who dont know, This is a web based encyclopedia. Everything you seek is here, Information that is. From People to places its all there. Google even depends on it.

Linkedin linkedin

It may not look like much and most times its classified as a social media app. Both are True but that doesnt mean its irrelevant. If you have a business and you want to connect to customers This is the app.If you are looking for a job this is the app. unlike other social media apps that permit impersonation, this does not. You are either identified as a fraud by the listing in your profile or by other users of which linkedin doesnt waste any time in blocking your account. So fraudsters are limited on this site. Basically for serious minded people. Only thing is that its not so user friendly.

Livescore livescores

This is an all in one sports app. For real-time scores and updates this app will give it to you. All major sports worldwide.

Google Maps Google maps

Although not entirely accurate in developing countries. 80% of the time it will get you there. Just enter the address and it will talk you through the trip so you dont get distracted while driving. You only need an internet connection to locate the destination it stores it and uses GPS to direct you. Wonderful App. Now you can avoid all those arrogant  roadside people who always misdirect you anyway.


For Music Lovers: Never miss out on a song again. Do you hear familiar tune but dont remember the name. its hard to explain a song to someone not even google can assist you on this. With this app just place it on the playing song it will find the song as long as it exists on the internet. Dont worry even if you dont have an internet connection at the time it will save it and search it for you when you does all these in seconds.

Foursquare and Swarm foursquare and swarm

These 2 apps are different but serve the same purpose. You need the same sign in details to login to both.Its a location app but unlike google maps it tells you the best spots around the area. Are you in a new city and you want to find a bar or restaurant just open this app and it will tell you where it is. It will even show you a picture and tips from customers.

Candy Crush CandyCrushLogo

If you are in the waiting room and its taking forever, this is the game. It can make hours look like minutes just by doing something as simple as colour matching. Other games that can easily kill time are Angry Birds 1 & 2, Leps World Run, Piano Tiles, Nibblers. All free of course but has in-app purchases which are optional.

IMDB imdb

If you want to know the most recent movies and watch the trailer as soon as it because available then this is the app for you. It notifies you of new movie trailer immediately it comes out. To get the actual movie you will have to get the dvd or go to the cinema.If you are impatient like me theres always Yify Torrent and FZ Movies for free downloads.


Naij naij

The only price you have to pay for using this app is that you must like there facebook page before accessing there content. Its a small price to pay considering the wealth of information within the app. These guys dont miss a thing in the Nigerian community. From a cat stuck in a tree to who the president is dating. You will always get the exclusive here first. Very informative and best of all free.

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